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The best way to earn money as a freelance web designer. Get connected to high-quality work instantly, no proposals required. Just claim a job and start earning.

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Change the way you work

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Stop being underbid

You’ve done it before—sent a proposal and never heard back. Lost a competitive bid to beginners charging half price. Now you can spend time on great work, not fruitless prospecting.

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Stress-free work

We define the scope of every project, so there’s no guesswork on your part. Plus, we’ll handle feedback, communication, and invoicing. You focus on what you do best—designing great sites.

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Projects with 0% fees

Members are pre-approved for all projects. You like a project briefing? Claim it and start working immediately. Site owners pay us separately, which means you earn 100% of the bounty listed.

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I feel like this is the way that web design Should've always been. It's just that you want it to work and it works! And the best part: It saves me at least if 70% time with every website project.

Shaina Nacion

Web Design Freelancer, Hawaii

How it Works

Getting started with the Sitejet system

Get Approved

Most platforms let everyone in. The result? A race to the bottom where clients look for the cheapest bid, regardless of quality. Not here. We choose designers who fit perfectly with projects, so you'll finally get paid what you’re worth.

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Fast application process

Our application is detailed, but won't take all afternoon. Answer a few questions, share sample projects, and hear back from our team quickly.

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Build your career

We only approve the best of the best. Once you're in, you'll know you're one of the top web designers in the industry.

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Automatic pre—approval

Once you're a Sitejet Pro, you're free to work on anyjob. No more low bids with fingers crossed.

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Claim Jobs

We're unlike any platform you've ever seen. Instead of endless bids and proposals. you're preapproved for every single job. Eliminate the hours wasted on prospecting, and focus on the creative work you do best. High—paying, meaningful work is just a click away.

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Never be underbid

Sitejet Pro's don't compete against each other. Instead. you're preapproved to choose any available project and start working.

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Exclusive, top—notch projects

Say goodbye to scope creep and other surprises. Everyjob has a defined scope, detailed briefing. clear deliverables, and fair price.

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Get booked, stay booked

All projects are available on a first-come, first—serve basis. When you finish one job, claim another. Reserve up to two jobs at a time.


Be Creative

You're a qualified professional, and we'll provide you with the tools to take your skills to the next level. We're proud to have interesting projects that span multiple industries. Plus, every project is vetted and qualified—no game-playing or flakiness.

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A revolutionary design app

You'll design client projects with Sitejet—a faster, easier design platform that's just plain fun to use.

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Design faster than ever before

Sitejet's automation can cut design time by as much as 70%. That lets you focus on creativity and design more sites in less time.

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Build a reputation

Keep building your skills and talents across industries. As you build expertise and work faster, you'll be able to earn the same amount in less time.


Get Paid

Every member is a quality professional and gets paid like it. Our unique no—fee structure and streamlined invoicing make your paydays stress free. No more problem with clients or late payments. We've got you covered.

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No fees

That's right—you'll receive 100% of the project bounty. When you finish a project, you'll earn credits you can exchange into any currency and withdraw

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Leave invoicing up to us

Just like we handle client communication, we'll take care of invoicing, too. No more invoice tracking, follow-up, or “forgotten" payments.

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Get paid promptly

Stop waiting around to get paid. See the money you earned quickly after the client approves your project.

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Projects to Get Excited About

Want to see what our work looks like? Take a look at these finished projects.

Change the Way You Work

It’s fast and Simple to apply. Why wait?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to create proposals or win bids. You’re preapproved for every project, so just claim it and start working! Plus, there are zero fees, so you’ll get 100% of the bounty listed for each design job.

All our projects are website design jobs created with Sitejet. Most projects are for small local businesses like restaurants, salons, and lawyers.

Once you’re approved, you can read available project briefings and choose any of them to work on. Members can have up to two active projects at once.

The bounty on each project is listed in credits. Once your site is approved, we’ll deposit the credits you’ve earned. Once you have at least $25 USD in credits, you can request a deposit.

Once you have at least $25 USD in credits, just request a deposit through any of the following:

  • PayPal
  • Direct transfer
  • Etc.

You’ll be responsible for applying client feedback we share with you. If a client requests changes after accepting the site, we’ll list those updates as separate paid projects. The original designer is usually offered the job before anyone else.

The platform is completely free for web designers! There is no charge to sign up, and you’ll receive 100% of the bounties listed for each project.

We have a curation team that approves top designers with a confidential process. In general, we look for skilled designers who fit well with the type of projects we have available.

You’ll need to have basic web design skills under your belt. A portfolio of sample work is also helpful for the approval process. Experience is less important than the quality of your work—we welcome designers at all levels!

Sometimes! We may request new work on a project after you finish the website design. If you were the original designer, we’ll try to connect with you first before reaching out to others.