Powerful Integrations to Stay Productive

Sitejet plays nice with your favorite software, so you'll never miss a beat.

Workflow Optimization 

Boost productivity with Sitejet's all-in-one platform for efficient site design.

Website Project Manager

Instantly view all your current websites and their progress in one simplified dashboard.

Status Management

Keep up-to-date with the status of all websites as they move from concept to published. 

To-Do Management 

Add tasks, set deadlines, and assign team members for work on any website. 

Project Time Tracking 

Track time spent on each project with a tracker that pauses automatically during idle times. 

Multi-user & Permissions 

Work with your team by adding them to your processes and assigning them tasks. 

Ticket System for Change Requests

Never lose track of a client request again with a simple tracking infrastructure for each request. 

Self-service Customer Portal

Let design clients give input, share files and view analytics data from a separate portal. 

File Transfer and Management

Quickly exchange files (regardless of size) in our intuitive and easy-to-use transfer interface. 

Customer Website Feedback Tool

Communicate with clients, assign tasks, and make revisions using our integrated communication tools. 

CMS for your Customers (Simplified)

Mark CMS elements as editable and allow your clients to adjust in a simplified client-side CMS. 

Workflow Automation

Let the software do the work with automations designed to save you time at every step.

Corporate Identity Detection

Upload a logo and get immediate recommendations for an on-brand color scheme. 

Automatic Website Generator

Provide a few details and have a custom website created with the click of a button. 

Design Recommendation Engine

Get recommendations for templates, code blocks, and designs as you create in realtime. 


Transfer any messages to a new server when transferring accounts to Sitejet. 


Sitejet has dozens of integrations, from analytics to email to bookings and everything in-between. 

Content Management System 

Use our intuitive CMS to create beautiful websites that work exactly the way they should.

Website Editor 

Our professional CMS with dozens of optimizations and integrations for lightning-fast design speeds. 

Pixel-Perfect Design Features 

Fine-tune your design to match the exact layout, look, and design for any project. 

Full Design Flexibility (HTML, CSS, JS) 

Dive deep into the HTML, (S)CSS, and Javascript behind each page with our intuitive editor. 

Responsive Design Features

Every template displays perfectly on every device—from desktops to mobile—and is fully customizable. 

WYSIWYG on-page editing 

Update the page quickly without a line of code with our quick and simple visual editor. 

Editable Section Templates 

Quickly drag-and-drop 90+ template segments. Edit as a template or individually inside the CMS. 


Use over 100 prebuilt responsive structures and variants to save valuable time.

SEO Settings 

Take control of search engine presence with meta data, semantic structure, and link checking. 

Image Editing 

Crop, resize, and adjust images directly inside the app before integrating them into your design. 

Multi-Language Support 

All sites allow for support in multiple languages, include friendly URLs. 

Snapshot Manager 

Save automatic backups of your site, plus name specific versions as restore points. 


Add a custom store with cart, checkout, and product pages built-in for unlimited products. 

Use of Shortcuts 

Save minutes or even hours off each design with dozens of intuitive built-in keyboard shortcuts. 

More Features 

That's not all. Sitejet has extra features to make things even better for you and your clients.

White-Label (Branding & Domain) 

Import your logo, color scheme, and domain name and run Sitejet as though it's proprietary software. 

Sitejet Stats

Track ongoing revenue, update to-dos, and manage all sites from a single dashboard. 

Customer Portal 

Let design clients give input, share files and view analytics data from a separate portal.

Hosting Package 

Keep your sites secure and online with state-of-the-art hosting that scales with you. 

SSL, CDN & DDoS Protection 

Add SSL with the click of a button, plus a content delivery network and DDoS mitigation. 

Domain management 

Connect domains you already own, or register through Sitejet at competitive rates. 

Website Analytics 

Gather as much data as you need, plus integrate your favorite analytics tools. 

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts per Domain 

Create as many email addresses as you need for each domain you host with us. 

Unlimited Storage per Project 

Never be restricted on filesize or total storage space for files you use in Sitejet projects. 

Unlimited Visits per Project 

Never have your site crash due to too much traffic with our scalable servers. 

Automated Backups  

Never lose site updates with our automatic backups on GDPR-compliant infrastructure.