Website creation with Sitejet

Get a step-by-step training on how to create a website
with Sitejet from scratch

During this exclusive webinar, you will learn...

How to build a website from scratch

Get ready to realize your customer's website wishes with Sitejet's CMS - starting from scratch. Learn about the features and tricks that the CMS has to offer you. 🙌 

How to use Sitejet's powerful features

You'll learn everything you need for creating beautiful and individual websites. Starting with global styles and contact data management to video embedding and external integrations to accordion effects and overlays.💥 

How to customize a website for SEO

Sitejet works with minified code and compressed images, but also allows you to enter meta data for every subpages and provides you with a final website check to test SEO relevant factors. ✔️ 

How to implement quality standards

If you're ready to show the new website to your customer, it's important to do a quality check first. We're going to show you how this is easily done with Sitejet. 💪

How to manage hundreds of customers simultaneously

I'll show you how to manage lots of customers simultaneously while still providing the highest levels of service, all without breaking a sweat.  💪

How we have acquired over 4000 customers in 4 years

We have thousands of customers that trust us to provide fast, versatile, high-quality service. I'll show you how we make sure they know they're in good hands.  🏁 

This webinar is for YOU, if...

You are a web design freelancer, employed in an agency or a large company or if you are the owner of an agency yourself

You want to build websites up to 70% faster to generate more sales or just create more spare time for yourself

You want to know how you can become a full-service agency for your clients

About Daniel 

Daniel Stringer is Product Designer at Sitejet.

Sitejet is an intuitive CMS and workflow management tool that allows you to create and manage website projects even faster and more effectively. Sitejet was founded in 2013 and grows by over 2000 new customers per month. This makes Sitejet one of the fastest growing CMS systems in Europe. Freelancers, larger agencies and publishers are among its customers. 

Get to know Daniel in an exclusive and free webinar and learn how to successfully build your web design business or make it more efficient.

Here's what past attendees are saying:

"Also ich bin schon ein erfahrener Hase, aber vieles war sogar für mich neu - Chapeau!

Das Feedbacktool, der Generator - wenn das wirklich funktioniert, wundert’s mich nicht wie Ihr auf 4.000 Kunden gekommen seid."

Daniel L.

"Coole Insights zur Websiteerstellung, zu Vertriebsthemen und Kundenbetreuung.

Ich konnte sie ganz einfach für meine Agentur umsetzen. Danke Dominik :-)"

Lukas D.

"Ich habe schon lange darüber nachgedacht meine Kunden über monatliche Zahlungen abzurechnen.

Jetzt weiß ich wie ich das am besten machen kann, dank der Erfahrung von Dominik!"

Jenny M.

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