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Your gateway to effortless web design begins here: Sitejet Studio for agencies, Sitejet Builder for anyone who wants to build their own website.

Sitejet Studio

Sitejet Builder

Your ally in the web design journey,
start to finish

Sitejet Studio offers all the functionalities you need to effectively deliver high-quality web design services and delight your clients - profitably and at scale. Enjoy a powerful website builder, an integrated project manager, and effective client collaboration.

Beginner-friendly website builder

baked into control panels

Sitejet Builder is Sitejet's site builder, fully integrated into leading control panels for hosters, enabling hassle-free website building for anyone.

Prepare projects

Kick-off your projects with a project manager and pre-design surveys for your clients. Get started quickly with one-click website content import, easy file transfer, and more.

Intuitive site creation

Effortlessly build stunning websites, without a single line of code. Pick a template, add and customize elements through an easy-to-use visual editor. It's as simple as that.

Create and launch

Host and launch websites quickly with customizable templates and elements, design recommendations, quality assurance tests, AI Text Generator, client feedback, and more.

Tailored for speed and SEO

Easily create fast and SEO-friendly websites, check weekly SEO performance, and turn them into conversion engines backed by lean code, lazy loading, and more.

Manage and support

Manage your projects and clients hassle-free with time tracking, status and to do management, ticket system, simplified customer CMS, and more.

Add content with ease

Captivate your website visitors with engaging content and appealing visuals thanks to the integrated AI text generator and free stock photos.

Hosting included

Sitejet Studio also hosts your websites. Sleep well knowing your sites are secure with SSL, CDN & DDoS protection, automated backups, DNS Manager, unlimited visits, and more.

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Hosting & Security

Sitejet Builder comes fully integrated into your control panel, making it 100% compatible with your hosting environment. Enjoy simplified website management, enhanced reliability and performance.

Pro-templates to deliver high-end sites fast.

Choose from 140+ designer templates for every industry and customize them with pre-built elements to perfectly fit your client's needs - quickly without having to code (though if you want to, you can).

Sitejet Templates are:

 Fully responsive

 Fast & SEO-friendly

 Fully customizable

Integrations for your client's every needs

Embed and go - we have popular integrations ready to go,  but you can add any integration available via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Or use Zapier or other webhooks tools to connect external services

Sitejet Studio Support 

Sitejet Community

From Sitejetters, for Sitejetters. Resolve issues, request features, and stay on top of news and releases.

Knowledge Base

Dive into our easy-access guide. From first steps to advanced settings, we got you covered.


Curious minds welcome! Check out our comprehensive FAQ page to get quick answers for popular questions.

All about Sitejet Builder

Knowledge Base

Dive into our easy-access Sitejet Builder guide. From first steps to advanced settings, we got you covered.

Sitejet Builder for Plesk

Sitejet Builder is seamlessly integrated in Plesk control panels making it easy to create and launch competitive websites.

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Sitejet Builder for cPanel

Easily build and launch fast, competetive websites with the Sitejet Builder in no time - directly from within cPanel.

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