Redesign your web design workflow.

Sitejet helps you to be more successful through a more efficient CMS, automation and project management.


Work faster

Save up to 70% of your time to either finish more projects or enjoy free time.

Be individual

Creativity without limits. Leave conformity and restrictions for unique results.

Automate tasks

Sitejet does all the boring and repetitive stuff to keep you focused on creativity.

Involve clients

Easily involve your clients in the website creation and review processes.

Supercharge your web design business

High performance CMS with project management capabilities


Easy on-page website editing directly in the browser with powerful shortcuts in the tool

Corporate Identity Detection

Easily adapt websites to corporate identity by simply providing a logo

Backup & Restore

Undo every step in CMS or completely revert websites to a previous version

Full Design & Code Flexibility

Not only use tons of customization features, but fully modify HTML, CSS and JS

Fully Responsive

Responsive by default. Easily customize for different devices and viewports

Simplified CMS for customers

Allow customers to edit selective elements of their website

Online Feedback

Let co-workers and customers directly make annotations on the website draft

Easy Customer Collaboration

Built-in client communication to simplify review processes or change requests

Integrated Hosting

Powerful hosting, CDN and SSL included. Connect your own domain or buy from us

Project Management

Collaborate in teams by assigning websites, tasks, or process steps to your co-workers

Sitejet is more than a website builder

Create phenomenal websites - incredibly fast

Website Management

Manage all your customer websites in one place. Add and finish to-dos. Keep track of the status of your projects and never miss any important to-dos or change requests again.

Fast Website Creation

Use our simple and intuitive WYSIWYG editor like a desktop application and make excessive use of shortcuts. The CMS helps you to automate repetitive tasks.

Integrated Website Review

Easily communicate with your team and your customer in the website creation and feedback process using our integrated review and feedback tools.

Customer Portal and CMS

Provide your clients a self-service portal to manage their account data, website requirements and give them access to specific editable areas on their website.

L o a d i n g . . .

Collection of Templates

Kick-off with one of our highly flexible templates

Grow your business with Sitejet

Generating monthly recurring revenue has never been easier

Create efficiently

  • Integrate customers in data gathering & review processes
  • Lightning fast CMS with no coding required - but possible
  • Always up-to-date system scales with customers and team size

Maintain efficiently

  • Built-in customer collaboration and communication
  • Todo and ticket management
  • Multi-user and role management

Monetize efficiently

  • Facilitates shift from one-off to monthly recurring revenue models (MRR)
  • You just pay for published websites
  • Unlimited free staging websites

The ultimate Solution for every web design business

Your all-in-one operating system


Sitejet gives freelancers access to the tools that usually only corporates can afford - because we want you to become more productive, to have more fun, and to make more money.

  • Sell more by offering attractive full-service websites
  • Build and manage websites in the speed of light
  • Deliver excellent service easier than ever before


Sitejet provides agencies with the tools to build and service multiple websites fast and to collaborate in a team and with clients efficiently.

  • Benefit from scalable processes and workflows
  • Keep track of your customers' requests
  • Collaborate in your team and with customers


Sitejet offers enterprises all the tools and support to really scale out their web design business.

  • Experience efficient workflows and highly automated website generation
  • Easily manage hundreds and thousands of website customers
  • Add your own branding for a professional appearance

Trusted by web designers everywhere

Ideal for solopreneurs or teams of all sizes

We can work easier and faster but we are still able to add our own code.

Dominik B. - Web Developer

Time can be used creatively and is not slowed down by repetitive tasks.

Friederike K. - Web Designer

Sitejet makes Wordpress obsolete! I absolutely love this tool.

Giacomo C. - Web Designer

The integrated workflow is what’s most appealing. Sitejet makes it very easy to collect suggestions from clients, manage to-dos, etc. If WordPress limits you or takes too much time, give Sitejet a look.

Colin Newcomer

No matter what anyone may say about Sitejet, one thing is clear and that is the fact that this company has limitless ambition.

Sitejet is a new type of website creation platform. They re-imagined the CMS’s like WordPress.

The CMS platform brings more opportunities to web designers and companies who deliver their services to customers. At the same time, it can be a good pick for small business projects.

Sitejet is a refreshing alternative to Wordpress and an excellent tool for any designer or agency to have in their kit.

Mike Johnston

For producing inexpensive websites at a fraction of the cost of developing in Joomla or Wordpress this is your tool of choice.

If you're looking for new and inventive ways to redesign your web design workflow, I may have the answer to your prayers with Sitejet.

Paul Mahony

Try out Sitejet

Redesign your web design workflow.