Whether you need a fresh layout for a personal portfolio, local service business, or international corporation, we’ve got you covered. 
Take a look, and use one for your next site!


Bold, inviting, and powerful—Porters focuses on full-screen photography and a layered site design. Porters features service and price listings alongside high-resolution photography.


Vita is perfect when there’s a lot to say—but you still want a simplistic, approachable design. Vita includes a sliding testimonials block, collapsible FAQs, and a staff profile page.


Cloudly is a bright, modern, and approachable design inspired by the world of startups and game-changing tech. Cloudly features a variety of services and offerings in a single-page design.


Put the focus on the product with Benson, our newest template designed around elegant photography and bold text. Explain the product, receive orders, and impress visitors with this unique design.


When a topic requires a sophisticated, elegant treatment, turn to Funus. This multi-page layout includes thoughtful design and detailed pages where it matters.


This single-page design packs in all the important details in a seamless scrolling layout. Include animated service details, staff bios, a signup form, and more with Financia.

Green Mile

Green Mile is the perfect design for a customer-friendly business. With a timeline and expandable product collage, it’s a design that draws a personal connection to the buyer.


Creativity drives this bold design forward. Stand apart from other sites with the artistic flairs of Progenitor, including standout section headings and an expandable photo gallery.


Make client scheduling a breeze with BeFit. Designed for businesses offering time-based services, this design streamlines and simplifies the appointment process.

Bibliotheca Magna

Stated professionalism with a unique look is the defining characteristic of Bibiliotheca Magna. Set yourself apart with a collage-based home page, expandable menu, and featured photography.


Present an image-rich business with modern elegance using Residence. Display lush photographs and descriptions with crisp, defined blocks and ample white space.


A professional design emits trust and authority. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Justitia, a theme that establishes credibility from the first impression.


List offerings, schedule appointments, and wow prospects with CarFix, our newest template for service businesses.


Can just a website communicate efficiency and global reliability? With Transaway it’s possible. Industrial design and clear text form the building blocks of this bold new layout.


Wow visitors with an art-inspired, out-of-the-box design. Perfect for the artist looking for a unique portfolio display... or a local business in search of an eye-catching design.


A sleek, minimalistic design permeates every page of Estilo, our new template for fashionable web design. Modern, stylish, elegant.

Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal entices visitors with pure luxury. With its feature list, testimonials, and fullwidth map, you won’t find anything lacking when it comes to attracting high-caliber clientele.


Simple, elegant, beautiful—Florello’s design comes from the aesthetic of local service businesses. With an iconic, photo-driven layout, Florello is as calming as it is inspiring.


This captivating design can be adapted to any enterprise focusing on beauty and elegance. Beautyfull includes a full size image gallery and price listings.


Professional yet upbeat, Evento is the perfect design for businesses or events with registration. It includes an email signup box or registration form and featured bios.


Combining modern professionalism with a powerful marketing layout, Klank comes with a plan comparison feature, testimonials, and a trial signup box.


Designed with craftspeople in mind, Portfolio puts the focus on features and work. Use it to display work, build a brand, or attract clients.


Let your creativity shine through with Marketer, a single-page site design with animations and a splash of color. This template includes projects, services, and team profile boxes.


Harris is a no-frills, single-page site layout that puts the business first. Explain the reason behind the company, services, contact information and previous projects.


This elegant single-page site includes plenty of space for product photography, a service menu, and a beautiful photo gallery.


Jane is simple, lightweight, and focused around what matters most. The design is built with a large panel for photography, a contact form, and an image gallery.


Lighthearted, cheerful, welcoming—say it all with Keola. Whether you’re representing a playful business or want to show down-to-earth friendliness, this theme has what you need.


Dazzle with sheer black and white elegance with Williams, a single-page design for service businesses. It features full-width photography, booking, and service listings.


This single-page website template includes everything—a map, featured contact information, a timetable, contact us feature, and scheduling capabilities.


Sensation is a flexible theme designed around services. Show packages, details, and allow visitors to book right from the site.


Maganda is designed to streamline a full set of information into a simplistic design. Using collapsible menus and an animated pricing box, you’ll fit in far more than you’d expect for a single-page site.

Benson & Barnett

This template is focused around communication. Whether you want to book appointments, collect email addresses with spam-proof Captchas, or allow visitors to send messages from the site, you’ll find it here.


One is the default single-page design without custom styles. Use this template to create your own masterpiece!


Multi is an unstyled multi-page site template, ready for your creative touch!

Design Agency

With sleek animations and a modern layout, Design Agency is the perfect template for launching your website design business and attracting great clients.

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