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Of course, you can – but you don’t have to! Sitejet comes with built-in lightning fast hosting  and 1 hosted website is already included in each plan (see our pricing here). Sitejet hosting including e-mail, SSL encryption, CDN & DDoS protection can be enabled with just a click. Every website you create can be published on any domain that can be either registered via Sitejet or connected externally. The Team and Agency plans offer you the flexibility to export websites. Read how to publish a website.

Plesk partners can choose to host their sites on their own data center via Hosting Node on Plesk. To become a plesk partner click here.

Any paid plan includes 1 published website. Additional websites in your account can be published at attractive rates that include e-mail, SSL encryption, CDN & DDoS protection. For details, please refer to the hosting section of our pricing page.

The Team and Agency plans allow you to export the websites you created and to upload them on any other web server. You can download a ZIP file containing all images, files, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Please note that you will not be able to use all functionality of Sitejet when hosting externally, such as:

  • Your customers won't be able to publish changes to the website via the customer portal
  • You need to take care of e-mail hosting yourself
  • You have to secure the website yourself (SSL)
  • Websites will be exported without any dynamic features like CMS or native form functionality

If you decide to host with us, your websites are hosted on our powerful GDPR-compliant server infrastructure (powered by Hetzner) that provides speed, stability, reliability and security against DDoS attacks. There is no limit to storage or bandwidth.  

With Sitejet you don’t need FTP access. Using the powerful Sitejet CMS you edit all websites directly in your browser. Additional files can be uploaded and managed (even in bulk) with an integrated file manager. The Team and Agency plans offer you the flexibility to export websites.

Just mark the checkbox “SSL” on any domain to automatically obtain and install an SSL certificate, so the website will be served through a secure HTTPS connection. For more information read how to publish a website and manage domains.  

No, you can create unlimited e-mail addresses in each plan. 


Yes, you can. All presets and templates provided by Sitejet feature flexbox layout and are responsive by default. You can amend settings for every device easier than ever before via the panel of the Sitejet CMS.

For integrating third-party services (e.g., booking or chat widgets), add an HTML element at the desired position on the website and enter the individual code. You can also add code to the global HTML file or the head. If you are looking for specific integrations or API access, please contact us at

Yes, all changes regarding the settings will be transferred into clean CSS code.

Both is possible. Check out “Markup & Style” in the element settings.

Sitejet offers a powerful (S)CSS editor that lets you customize each website you create in every aspect. Learn how to add custom CSS, JavaScript and HTML here.

You have different SEO settings you can influence with Sitejet: 

Use the integrated website check to

Another important SEO factor is a fast page load speed. Therefore, we made sure that

  • Clean code is generated,
  • Images which are uploaded in the CMS, are compressed and only loaded in the size they are needed and
  • Scripts are the last part of the website to be loaded.

All published sites come with matomo analytics which can be accessed via the customer portal. In addition, Sitejet provides an API to Google Analytics. All you need to do is fill in the tracking-ID that can be found in Google Analytics. Other meta data can be entered in “Meta tags” and will be placed in the <head>-tag. For further information please check here.

Yes! Sitejet comes with an integrated snapshot feature that automatically saves backups of your websites. You can also save and name specific versions as a restore point under Website -> Snapshots.

Yes, you can! Just double-click on an image to find a toolbar offering various image editing options such as cropping, rotating, blurring, setting to grayscale and many more. For an optimum page speed, the image will be compressed after saving.

After setting up other languages, you can edit every site in every language, including code access while changes will not be automatically applied across languages. Sitejet enables you to create references for certain objects across sites and languages.

Sitejet comes with a Google Maps integration. Just add “Map” as an element and customize the look to fit the desired Corporate Identity. You can even add multiple markers to highlight different locations, set default zoom factor and much more.

Sitejet provides an integrated parallax effect for backgrounds and various CSS animations for any element that can be directly selected via the panel.

You can build custom forms with lots of flexibility in Sitejet and use webhooks to push data to other services/databases.


Sitejet’s CRM is the perfect addition to its intuitive and easy CMS. It provides different features that allow simple and fast communication and collaboration with your customers. That means:

  • Customers have their individual portal where they can
    • manage basic information
    • transfer files of any size and quantity
    • add feedback to their website (draft)
    • manage e-mail accounts
    • edit selected website elements and sections
    • view site statistics and analytics
  • Customer e-mails including files and feedback will automatically be assigned to the respective customer profile and you will be notified via your inbox
  • Seamlessly communicate with your clients by sending and receiving e-mails via Sitejet
  • Keep track of your customers by using the integrated log
  • Avoid extra work by creating custom e-mail templates
  • Easily publish and host websites as well as domains and e-mails with Sitejet

Sounds good? Check it out and get started with our 14 days free trial period.

You can manage customer communication via Sitejet. Customer e-mails including files and feedback will automatically be assigned to the respective customer profile and you will be notified via your inbox. Your Sitejet inbox e-mail address can be found in the manager view by clicking on the “Unassigned” tab. For sending e-mails via Sitejet, just add your e-mail account used for customer communication to your Sitejet Company Settings.

Click on “Register domain” and choose the way you want to connect a domain with the website. You can

  • register a new domain with Sitejet
  • set an A record for an existing domain

For more information please read how to publish a website.

Yes, it’s possible to transfer the website from your account to another Sitejet account. Just contact us at

Whenever you are editing a website, time tracking will automatically start to count minutes spent on the website. It also detects idle times and will stop a session automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.

Sitejet is designed to enable efficient management and creation of multiple websites. Each project follows a creation process represented by different website statuses and is assigned to one project owner at a time. In the detail view of a website project, you will be guided through the process in the upper right area with the help of adapting buttons. Tasks can be assigned and coordinated across team members. Every project has its own protocol with the heading “Messages” that allows you to keep track of internal and customer communication (inbound and outbound). Time spent working is tracked by status allowing you to bill your customer or discover improvement potential.

Customer Portal

Yes, customers can access their individual customer portal and upload files to the file manager anytime. As soon as a customer uploads files, you will be notified and files can be accessed directly via the CMS and Manager view. If you set a websites’ status to “Feedback” customers can use the online feedback tool to suggest changes to their website (draft). For more information about website statuses and how they influence your customer's access to specific functions in their customer portal, please read Website Status.

You can send your customers an invitation link to their individual customer portal. Just choose “Create invitation link” when clicking on “Actions” in the Manager view and select “Invite to: Start”. This will generate a link that is valid for 7 days. Your customer can then set an individual password for permanent access.

You can decide which website sections and elements can be edited by your customer. For more information about editable content and how the Customer CMS works, please read  Customer CMS.


In the agency plan (see our pricing here), the entire Sitejet platform including the Customer Portal can be branded with your Corporate Identity and the system can run on a custom domain. Want to know how it’s done? Click here.

You can choose from a selection of more than 70 fully responsive and highly flexible templates with more being added on a constant basis. All templates are made from individual section presets that can be exchanged easily. For example, you can exchange the header of a template with the click of a button. Also, you can create your own templates by selecting and amending section presets or by saving websites you created as a template. Take a look at our current selection of  templates.

Of course! Just click “Actions” next to the website that you wish to save as a template and then click “Create as template”.

You do not need to install any plugins with Sitejet. Sitejet is an all-in-one platform with full code flexibility that combines a CMS and CRM to help you work faster, create individual websites, automate tasks and collaborate with your team and customers. Just to name a few functions, you can edit images, use templates and presets or custom code, take snapshots of websites and handle feedback and files of your customers through the system. Are you missing a feature? Let us know:

Yes, Sitejet also brings E-Commerce functionality that can be added to your websites using drag-and-drop. Learn how to integrate a store.

You can add an e-commerce store to any Sitejet template. Learn how to integrate a store.

Of course you can add a blog to every website! Learn how to add and manage a blog.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy of EU citizens. The regulation came into force on May 25th, 2018 and affects any entity that processes personal data of EU citizens.

To support website providers and website owners with GDPR related actions, Sitejet automatically generates a privacy policy when using the website generator. This privacy policy is a default agreement that should, in addition, be adapted to the specific needs and integrations of your customers in order to provide complete information on the processing of personal data through the website. You also find a cookie policy bar in our preset selection.

Important: The GDPR is a complex regulation that requires multiple actions from website owners. As mentioned in our Terms of Service, it is your responsibility to ensure that your services are permitted by and in compliance with your local laws. Please note that any information provided by Sitejet is no legal advice. It is your or your customers’ responsibility to fully comply with the GDPR regulation.

Account & Billing

Yes! There is a 14 day trial period with Sitejet. You will be able to test all functions of the Team plan except for the export feature. After expiration of the trial, your account will be downgraded to the Solo plan. You will be required to select a paid plan before publishing or exporting a website.

When hosting with Sitejet, you only pay for the number of websites that are published via Sitejet at the billing date. This means that the payment is not tied to specific websites but to the overall number of published websites.

If you decided to pay monthly, your monthly charge will vary depending on the number of actually published websites.
If you decided to pay anually and already paid for a specific contingent, you can see this as credit on your user account which you can consume on other websites.

This allows for maximum flexibility for Sitejet users.


Our infrastructure provider is constantly monitoring the network activity and will automatically filter all incoming traffic when common DDoS attack patterns are detected. 

Working with Sitejet

Sitejet was developed based on the learnings of building more than 4,000 websites ourselves, in-house. The system combines a CMS with a CRM and therefore is the perfect all-in-one-system to create websites and manage all your customers. After a short learning curve, you can expect to save up to 70% in creation and maintenance efforts. Here are just a few features that helped us to become time efficient:

  • Our Customer Portal where customers can manage their contact information, files and content, wishes as well as feedback for their website
  • The Website Generator that provides you with a fully functional website that you can fully customize
  • Our professional CMS with tons of built-in optimizations, integrations and keyboard shortcuts
  • The website health check that conducts a quick check of all technical and SEO aspects
  • A broad selection of highly flexible responsive templates and section presets that cut out repetitive tasks
  • Snapshots that store different versions of the websites for and backup and restore
  • A simplified Customer CMS where customers can edit selected sections of the website without destroying their websites

Sounds too good to be true? Get started with our 14 days free trial period to see for yourself.

You can contact us at, join our Sitejetters community at or take a look at our help center where you can find helpful guides and video tutorials.

No. Sitejet is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that combines an intuitive and flexible CMS with a powerful CRM allowing you to manage your customers and websites with just one system. Our team is working hard to make Sitejet even better day by day. Are you missing any features or do you have feedback? Let us know:

Sitejet is a cloud-based software and therefore is just available when you’re online.

Sitejet is a SaaS platform, so you don’t need to take care of PHP and MySQL and can work seamlessly within the browser.

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Sitejet is a leader in Website Builder on G2
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