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Sitejet Builder

Sitejet Builder is our intuitive website builder seamlessly integrated into Plesk and cPanel. It is tailored for hosters, enabling anyone to build a website easily.











Build high-end sites with designer templates

Choose from 140+ professional templates, perfectly crafted for every industry. Customize effortlessly with pre-built elements. No coding skills required. Create and launch websites swiftly.

Fully responsive

Fast & SEO-friendly

Fully customizable

Discover the perfect match for your industry




Beginner-friendly website builder

Create a beautiful website that does exactly what you need, without writing a single line of code. Pick and cutomize templates and elements hassle-free in an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard. It's that easy.

Plesk: Your innovative hosting
control panel

Build. Secure. Run. - On-premise, in the cloud, on Linux or Windows.

Plesk is the leading WebOps hosting platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites, and hosting businesses. Designed for web professionals across the globe, it simplifies complexity and reduces workload - enabling you to focus on growing your services and revenue. 

cPanel: Simplify website & server management

Easily configure, monitor, and protect servers and sites in minutes.

cPanel & WHM is a Linux-based webhosting platform that provides a seamless experience for hosting providers to efficiently deliver reliable and secure services while enabling customers to easily manage their web presence.

Drag & drop on-page builder

Create beautiful websites easily on an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. Edit without a line of code with our quick and simple visual editor.

AI text generator

Need help creating content? Sitejet Builder features an AI-driven writer helping you create and embed text directly onto the page. No more writer’s block but engaging copy that grabs attention.

Built to dominate search results

SEO-friendly code and full access to advanced SEO settings ensure top rankings. Enjoy built-in image compression, code minimization, and lazy loading.

SEO domain analysis by XOVI NOW

Check your site's SEO pulse with free weekly checks. Gain insights into your site’s rankings, visibility, and top keywords. Improve rankings, surpass competitors, and attract more visitors.

Integrate dynamic and relevant content

Setting up and managing your dynamic content has never been easier. Get ready to promote news, products, real estate listing, jobs and so much more with the integrated Collections feature.

& manual backups

Always prepared: We automatically create website backups and users can roll back their websites to earlier versions.

Free stock photos 
& videos

Bring your pages to life in minutes without paying a dime - add free stock photos and visuals to create engaging websites.


Build and manage multiple sites effortlessly from a unified dashboard. Run updates, check performance, and welcome new customers  - all within Plesk.


Plesk comes with ready-made security settings to get you started quickly, and you can secure every layer, increase reliability, and decrease vulnerability on every level.


Enjoy a user-friendly experience that is easy to learn and use. Plesk allows you to work fast and efficiently in an intuitive graphical user interface and offers an array of helpful resources.


Plesk runs on any server, on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, and more). Automatically install or deploy Plesk hassle-free with the Plesk Web Installer.

100+ Extensions

Plesk's vast extension catalog offers a multitude of vetted and tested functions and features. Cherry-pick extensions and only pay for what you need.

Website management

Empower your customers to launch websites quickly or provide them with the tools to independently build and manage their websites, starting from scratch.

Create emails & calendars

Leverage cPanel's robust email and calendar features. Allow your customers to create new email accounts, establish shared calendars, and benefit from diverse spam protection levels.

Ensure highest security standards

Built-in security tools safeguard both your server infrastructure and your customers’ websites. Features include firewalls, SSL, email authentication and more.

View, analyze & diagnose server stats

Analyze your server through cPanel's advanced monitoring tools. Monitor resource utilization and receive actionable insights to resolve potential issues immediately.

Create custom accounts & hosting packages

Customize hosting plans and allocate resources precisely to meet your customers' unique requirements. Whether it's shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers, cPanel provides the flexibility to tailor your services accordingly.


No. Sitejet Studio is a SaaS solution for web design service providers and enterprises. Sitejet Studio offers premium agency features, including its site builder, client collaboration portal, project management, and more. Sitejet Builder is a beginner-friendly website builder integrated with cPanel or Plesk control panels. It is available with a cPanel or Plesk license or with website hosters offering Sitejet Builder. It can not be purchased as a standalone product. 

No. Sitejet Builder is not a standalone product and can not be purchased as such. Sitejet Builder is  a cPanel and Plesk integration and only available with a cPanel or Plesk license or through a hoster offering Sitejet Builder to their customers.

Sitejet Builder is seamlessly integrated into cPanel and Plesk and included in any license. You can offer Sitejet Builder to your customers if your hosting business uses Plesk or cPanel for a control panel. Sitejet Builder does not need to be installed, it comes pre-enabled with up-to-date instances. 

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