Domain Registration Agreement

Effective as of 13thof June 2018

This Domain Registration Agreement (“Agreement”) defines the terms and conditions for your use of the domain name registration and its related services via Sitejet and is considered as a part of Sitejet’s General Terms of Service.  This Agreement is between you and Sitejet and outlines the obligations of you and Sitejet with regards to domain name registration. In this Agreement “you” and “your” refer to you, the legal entity which you represent, company employees or any other person that is authorized to act on your behalf or on behalf of the legal entity which wants to utilize our Services. “Registrant” or “domain holder” refer to the person or legal entity that is listed as domain owner with the respective domain registrar. With regard to domain registration and related services, Sitejet acts as a reseller who forwards the registration to an intermediary or registrar. In addition to this agreement, terms and conditions of the respective registrar apply.

You acknowledge and agree that Sitejet may change or modify any terms within this Agreement in order to comply with changes (i) of applicable laws or regulations, (ii) in the respective industry, or (iii) by the registrar. Also, Sitejet may change or modify any terms within this Agreement as they may become necessary to continue providing the service offering.

By using the Services provided by Sitejet, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Agreement and Sitejet’s General Terms of Service and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions and any document this Agreement refers to.

1. If you register a domain via Sitejet for yourself or your Customers, the contract is concluded directly between the prospective domain holder and the respective registry or registrar. In this constellation Sitejet acts within an agency relationship.

2. It is your obligation to ensure that the domain holder is always aware that the registration of a domain name is executed via a Third Party, namely the accredited registrar which leads to contractual relations between the domain holder and the respective registrar whose registration conditions have to be acknowledged and accepted by you and your Customers.

3. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and complete data of the domain holder such as the “Registrant” and the administrative and technical contact.

4. Because a domain name registration is an automated process,  Sitejet has no influence on the domain allocation. Sitejet does not guarantee that any domain name can be allocated as requested and that this domain is free of any kind of Third Party rights or claims. All information provided by Sitejet as to the availability of a requested domain is obtained by Third Parties and refer to the time when this information was received. Only when the registration of the domain name for the domain holder is completed and the respective entry in the database of the registry has been updated accordingly, the legal ownership of the domain lies with you or your Customer. Sitejet reserves the right to activate a domain only after all agreed fees for the registration are paid.

5. You understand that in spite of the registration of a requested domain there is no immunity to an objection to that registration or the usage of that domain. Therefore Sitejet cannot and does not make guarantees, representations or warranties that any requested domain name registration will be processed or accepted by the respective registry. You hereby understand and agree that any requested registration submitted by Sitejet may fail or be rejected by the respective registry for various reasons like the fact that your request was belated. You acknowledge and agree that the successful registration of your requested domain name depends on a variety of factors that cannot be predicted or controlled by Sitejet.      

6. Sitejet does not guarantee the security of your domain name registration records, and you are aware of the risks that passwords or any other security measures you choose may be compromised by fraud, abuse or other illegal activities.

7. You acknowledge and accept that a domain name cannot be transferred to another provider within the first sixty (60) days after the effective date of the initial domain name registration through Sitejet or after changes in any of its domain name information. Apart from that, you may transfer the domain name registration to a third Party of your choice. The transfer of a domain name registration services to a Third Party, shall not release you or your Customers in any way from the obligation to comply with all terms and conditions of this Agreement including your liability to pay for registered domains until the end of the registration period and you accept liability for harm caused by such licensee's wrongful use of our domain name registration services.

8. You understand that in order to transfer a domain name registration you have to accept a transfer confirmation request from Sitejet. If you fail to confirm this request as required Sitejet reserves the right to deny your transfer request.  In addition, you are aware and understand that it is possible to transfer a domain name registration to another registrar without your or your Customers approval according to applicable procedures adopted by ICANN. You accept that Sitejet shall not be liable to you for any such unauthorized transfers. You also acknowledge and agree that Sitejet cannot control and shall not be liable to you or your Customers for the actions of Third Parties including, but not limited to, a reversal of or refusal to reverse a domain name transfer, even if the domain name transfer was not authorized by the domain holder.

9. You agree that Sitejet may, but has no obligation to, auto-renew the domain name registration services on your behalf before the domain name expiration date has passed. You can find the expiration date of a domain name in your Account. If you do not want the domain name to be renewed, you can terminate the domain name by indicating that in your Account. You acknowledge and agree that the renewal price may be higher or lower than the price you paid for before, and that Sitejet is authorized to charge your credit card or other selected payment method such as PayPal for the renewal of the Services.

10. It is hereby clarified that you are obliged to pay the fees for a renewed period of the domain name. If you want to renew the domain name or if the termination order of that domain name was not indicated in due time by you or your Customers this may results in an extended duration of that domain name.

11. In addition to Section 8 of the Sitejet Terms of Service, you hereby agree to indemnify, release, defend and hold Sitejet harmless for all liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses arising: (i) if you breach any terms or obligations of this Agreement; (ii) if your registration is connected to a violation of Third Party rights; (iii) if a dispute which arises between you and a Third Party is related to your registration; (iv) if you submit a registration and/or (v) while using the registered domain name.

12. By purchasing Sitejet’s Services, you agree to pay the respective fees as described on the Site at the time of your purchase of such Services from Sitejet under acceptance of the payment terms as described on the Site. It is hereby clarified that all fees exclude taxes related to that Service or payment.

13. If you terminate your account, Sitejet is authorized to delete all domains in association with your account when the domains have not been transferred to a new provider and the expiration date has passed.